How Long Silkscreen Print Logo Can Last For ?

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Are you afraid of getting poor quality silkscreen printing result which does not last longer or easily faded out ? In fact you don’t have to worry about it.

Silkscreen printing is one of the traditional printing method which widely used for corporate gift industry. It is a last longer and reliable method as the screen printing ink penetrate and cured into the surface of gift. Depending on the quality of gift item, silkscreen printing actually could be last as long as the gift itself. Avoid using any sharp item to scratch the silkscreen printing logo in order keep it last longer.

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What is the Benefit to use silkscreen printing ?

  • More costing effective for bulk order printing
  • Faster and reliable and last longer compare to heat press
  • Softer feel and the logo can be iron ( subject to material )


What is the Disadvantage of Silkscreen printing

  • Expensive on small quantity order as it require a screen and setup for each color
  • Not able to print full color include toning color

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How is the process of silkscreen printing ?

Silkscreen printing uses a fine mesh stretched tightly onto a frame. A negative design is created on the screen and ink is pushed through with a squeegee, making direct contact on the object. This printing is suited for medium to large sized prints. One colour is considered one print.A block charge is applicable to create a silkscreen.


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