Gift with Purchase Ideas  ( GWP )

  • Are you struggling with business stagnant or slowdown
  • Lack of loyal customer to support your business ?
  • Too much competition and difficult to attract customer ?
  • Sales Person fail to build good rapport with customer ?
  • Low sales conversion rate ?


If your answer is yes, you should CONTACT US now to get best gift idea to kick start Gift With Purchase Campaign ( GWP) 

Who does’s not love “ FREE” Items ? Gift with Purchase give seller a opportunity to upsell customer or get them to your retail or website to purchase an item without much hesitation. Many customers are willing to pay extra in order to fulfil the campaign requirement to get free gift.

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Interesting Facts on the Importance of Free Gift

  • -Nearly 90% of free gift receivers said they were “somewhat likely” to buy more frequently from an  seller after receiving a gift,
  •  65% of free gift receivers said they were at least somewhat likely to share their experiences with others
  • Retailers saw value in including a free gift with customer orders, though less than half provide one
  • Of the four out of five Americans who are at least somewhat likely to share their experiences with others offline about a shopping site after receiving a free gift with purchase, women significantly are more likely to share their positive experiences than men.

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The 7 Instant Benefits of GWP Campaign ?

  • To engage the customer more effecttively
  • To delight the customer who would be purchasing the product anyway by telling him/her  about the GWP after the fact
  • To increase the store or brand’s average sale
  • To increase sales conversion
  • To create incremental sales
  • As an opportunity to communicate with your customer.
  • Create incremental visits from your VIPs.

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When is the best time to launch GWP Campaign?

  • Promote gift with purchase offer during busy seasons. Holiday shopping, back to school and etc to help increase sales volumn.
  • However, if your company is not really well doing during festive or holiday period, it will unpractical to give free gift to cunsumers who are already planning to make purchase.
  • Offering gift with purchase during slow season would be a great stipulate factor to consumer because you are giving them an extra incentive to buy something.

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3 Useful Tips for Seller To Ensure Success GWP Campaign

  • Seller should know their clientere best and what will entice them. It is important to ensure that the complimentary gift should support and improve your business.
  • Ensure there is enough inventory gifts item. There is nothing worse than a dissatisfied cleint and even though the item might be free, it might have been the sole cause of the initial purchase.
  • Ensure clear gift with purchase campaign direction. Remember to stated “ While Stock Last”, indicate how long the offer is valid for, what is the requirement for customer to entitle for free gift.

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